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Origin Band – Ministry and music with honestly and quality


1997. São Paulo - SP. Was born the group "Divine Origin", later shortened to "Origin Band." Founded by young people committed to the gospel, and not least, quality musicians, the band grew and matured for 13 years to get to the launch of the album "Son of Man" in 2010. In that time, created many songs, played in several festivals, is presented next to big names of the national gospel, like Oficina G3 and development process that any beginner band needs to pass.

"Son of man", so he began to be generated in 2005, is a disc that rises, for excellence, and worked. Optimized and designed with care and attention to smallest details. Adriano Fernando (vocals), Paulo Henrique (guitar), André Florian (keyboard), Anderson Ramos (bass) and Mark Carvalho (drums) do a rock to powerpop footprint. Or, better: more sophisticated music as the conventional. With changes in climate and remarkable texture. They balance the heavy rock riffs with melody and arrangements of pop well done. Accessible without being simplistic. Sophisticated without sounding pretentious.

Composition between a stronger "For Your Name" and a ballad like "Close to You", it is clear the difficult middle ground to be reached is that the Origin with resource fulness. Music for all ears. Even the most demanding. Listening to them, it is impossible not to note the anointing, the ability to engage in that overflows tracks. Reportedly forced away from the atmosphere that many bands try to put in his gospel sound, in the Origin that is natural, fluid, spontaneous.

In this spirit, the group is committed to the disclosure of its first CD, available for listening on SoundCloud and MySpace, and already preparing the second. Beginners who are experienced, the tendency, inevitable, is a beautiful path ahead. Requirements to get there is not lacking.


Maurício Angelo – MGAssessoria